Tarja Preta – The Party that Causes Dependence

This past Wednesday (4), the eve of a holiday, the 4th edition of Tarja Preta took place at Devassa On Stage, organized by the UFSC pharmacy course in partnership with Agência PHE.

black stripe

On a pleasant night, with a starry sky, the buses specially reserved for the event were crowded from the UFSC campus to the nightclub. From 21:30 pm the gates opened only for them, with an open bar with exclusive drinks, until 23 pm, when entry was open to all.

With more than 7 hours of Open Bar and 3 environments, the party brought numerous attractions, among them the forró involving the Guaypeka band, the university sertanejo of Rodrigo Valentine, rock with the Bravo Band and electronic sound with Djs, pleasing all tribes.

Maicon Lima

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