Project Pintando Música presents virtual reality experiments at Fundação Cultural Badesc

The program from December 3rd to 7th also includes visits and lectures; entry is free

In the week of December 3rd to 7th, the Badesc Cultural Foundation receives free activities from the Pintando Música Project. Developed by Hyran Favarin and Filipe Maliska, from Galatea Interactive, the app provides virtual reality experiments to make music in a creative and fun way. These differentiated experiences take place from 15 pm to 19 pm.

The application uses a 360 degree environment that serves as a "blank paper" so that people can use and play music using arm movements and controls commands. The painter/composer makes his brushstrokes, in the same way as an instrumentalist, dictating the sound parameters, such as frequency, attack and amplitude. The algorithms consequently generate the relative shape, size and color of that sound at the same time. At the end of the experience, the user is in the middle of an environment composed by him.

The developers took into account that sound is produced when something vibrates. Then, the vibrating body makes the environment around it vibrate. These vibrations in the air are called moving longitudinal waves, which we can hear but cannot see.

On Saturday, from 13 pm to 19 pm, a lecture will be given on the project that is carried out through the Franklin Cascaes Foundation.

Publication: William Schütz.
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Images: Disclosure. Photography: Franchêscolli Gohlke


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