Festival Enchefs promotes state stage in Florianópolis

Five regional finalists vie for spots for the grand final, which will take place in August in Macapá.

Present the regionality of Santa Catarina on a plate or a cocktail. This is the great challenge of the five finalists who will compete on June 27, at Faculdade Senac, the state stage of Enchefs Festival.

The three winners – two kitchen professionals and one cocktail professional – advance to the national final, the Award Dolman, considered the Oscar of Brazilian Gastronomy, which takes place in August, in Macapa. Candidates from the BahiaSão PauloRio de JaneiroParanáPiauiCeará e Pará.

Em Santa Catarina were classified: Lucas Zappelini (Criciuma), with a chocolate and cumaru risotto, with butiá sorbet and blue cheese farofa; Camila Figueredo (Joinville), with shellfish in cachaça with a thousand leaves of potato, sauce aioli of basil and bittersweet spheres of pitaya with a touch of pepper; Maria do Nascimento Garcia (Florianopolis), with the Memory dish on the reverse side; Janaina Cassia Goelner (Joinville), with a banana hillbilly; and Carolina Feijo Schmitd (Florianopolis)With the drink Temperance.

According to the ambassador of Festival Cosa Sarà em Santa CatarinaJanet Borges, the level of candidates for the 2022 edition was very high. “It's not just making a dish or a cocktail. It's about connecting with the local culture, exploring knowledge and flavors to the fullest, and sharing this knowledge with other professionals”, highlights the chef.

“The creativity, innovation and applied techniques drew attention. We are looking forward to seeing the uses and techniques that will be applied, respecting and valuing the sociobiodiversity of the Santa Catarina territory”, points out Nathália Bernardinetti, Analyst of Educational Projects at Senac SC, responsible for Gastronomy Observatory.

Meet the finalists

Lucas Zappellini – 27 years old, born in Cricklewood. He has been cooking since he was 12. He started in Dining em Portugal and in 2021 he opened his own restaurant in CricklewoodCoffee Brain.

Camila Figueredo - natural from São Paulo, Live in Santa Catarina 4 years ago. Graduated in Dining, marked passage through the renowned SUN., of Chef Alex Atala.

Maria do Nascimento Garcia - bachelor in Dining, is now a teacher oriental cuisine. Has experience in the field of Dining with an emphasis on tourism and Asian cuisine. She is executive chef of Jun Kappo Sushi.

Janaina Cassia Goelner - natural from Chapecó, is a student of Nutrition. She divides her time between food and drinks, at her husband's restaurant, in the city of Luis Alves.

Carolina Feijo Schmitd – 30 years old, born in Irani, and has been working as a bartender for over 2 years in the region of Emerald coast, on the coast of Santa Catarina.


Besides the Senac SC, are supporters of the fills: Senac SC Gastronomy Observatory, Camila Gallo Communication e Amplocom CommunicationUrban TV BrazilFlorianópolisRegion Convention & Visitors Bureau e Sebrae.


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