“Encontros”, new romantic comedy by French director Cédric Klapischi, premieres in Florianópolis

Post_Encontros_3SEM_Paradigma Director Cédric Klapischi has always explored the plurality of the world in his works, and after a long time, he returned to film in Paris for his new work, “Encontros”, which has, in Florianópolis, an exclusive exhibition at Paradigma Cine Arte. He explains “I wanted to portray Paris today. Paris has changed substantially and I haven't filmed my city in a long time. I wanted to make a simple movie about two single people in the time of social media. Observe what has changed. Does using the internet and social networks build bonds? Is the loneliness the same now as it was when I filmed “The Cat Is Gone”? The most common assessment in the media is that we live in a period of tension, depression, hatred and conflict. I felt that this kind of moment required talking about the need for love. When everything is going wrong in the world, why is there still this deep desire to find someone, this 'force of attraction'? ” In the story, two young people in their 30s, Rémy and Melanie, are neighbors, but they don't know each other. Both try to overcome the loneliness of the big city in the modern world. While he doesn't have the courage to meet new people, she multiplies her encounters on dating apps. Two individuals, two destinations. Without knowing it, their paths lead them in the same direction. Capture Cédric Klapischi has worked with the greatest actors in France, such as Audrey Tautou, Cécile de France, Romain Duris, Gilles Lellouche and Juliette Binoche, and in “Encontros”, he brings back the actors from his previous film “What Binds Us”. Remy is played by François Civil, one of the sensations of current French cinema, who only in 2019 starred in 3 films ('Wolf Alert', 'Love at Second Sight' and 'Who Do You Think I Am'), while Melanie comes to life through Ana Giradot, featured actress in the series 'Les Revenants'. Kaplisch wrote the script with young people in his mind, and never considered other actors for these roles. Encontros is the director's 13th feature film, and will be distributed in Brazil by Imovision.   Publication: William S. Schütz. Contact by email: willianschutz@hotmail.com - Willian Schütz. Images: Disclosure of the press office of the distributor Imovision.


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