Copa Betano do Brasil: tips on how to bet on the competition

Played since 1989, the Brazil's Betano Cup It is one of the most traditional and democratic competitions in Brazilian football, thus allowing smaller teams to challenge the great powers of our sport. Therefore, as it is the main dispute in a knockout format on the national calendar, the aforementioned tournament ends up attracting the eyes of many bettors from all corners of the country.

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Which is why the biggest platforms sports betting open markets for betting on all stages of the competition, in addition to offering long-term betting alternatives for the future champion.

However, even due to the high balance and the great potential for surprises that this tournament format can cause, to do well in the bets of the Betano do Brasil Cup 2023 it is necessary to go beyond knowledge about football and dedicate oneself to assimilating practical concepts that are very important in this market.

Therefore, with the purpose of helping you find the best options to make a prediction on the Copa Betano do Brasil, we will bring you some tips and relevant information below.

Annually, check if there have been any changes to the competition rules

Although this subject is left aside by most bettors, from beginners to veterans, it never hurts to always be aware of the rules of the championship. Since, from one year to another, there may be changes in the regulation and this can directly impact the analysis of a game.

For example, since the last edition of the Copa Betano do Brasil there is no longer an away goal rule in all stages of the competition. Also called the qualifying goal criterion, this rule was applied when the sum of the two matches resulted in a tie and, to define the winner, the team that had scored the most goals as a visitor advanced.

Therefore, if until recently there was great attention to this detail as a tiebreaker, directly influencing the behavior of the teams, this should no longer be taken into account. Today, if the sum of the scores of the home and away games ends in equality, the definition of the classified (or the champion, in the case of the final match) is decided in the penalty shootout.

Betting in the early stages

Here, in the first stages of the competition, is where the biggest upsets of the Copa Betano do Brasil usually happen. This occurs for the following reason: in the first two phases, places are defined in a single match and with several large teams (except those in the Copa Libertadores de América, these enter later) facing hours and hours of travel to play against clubs from smaller size and, many times, in lawns of inferior quality.

As if that were not enough, it is always good to point out that Brazil has a tropical climate, with temperatures that exceed 35°C in all regions of the country in the summer. A factor that affects any team and that can influence the final result.

Therefore, in single games the winning team market, also known as “moneyline”, tends not to pay off in some circumstances. Remembering that, in the event of a tie in this phase, it is the visitor who qualifies.

Furthermore, it is also important to be careful not to bet on multiples with many low odds favorites early on, as the risk/reward ratio may not be as worthwhile.

Betting on the final stages

When the Copa Betano do Brasil reaches the stage of the round of XNUMX, the clubs that are representing Brazilian football in the Taça Libertadores — the main team tournament on the South American continent — enter into action. Therefore, the technical level tends to increase considerably.

In this way, they join the teams that qualified from the previous phase, totaling 16 participants remaining in the fight for the title. As there are many qualified clubs and the games are played in a round trip until the final, the zebras tend to happen less frequently – which reflects in more balanced “moneyline” odds.

In the final stages of the championship, bookmakers tend to price the lines of games very well, as they are usually teams that specialized platforms have a very large database of information and advanced statistics. Therefore, the key to winning the market is to dedicate yourself a lot to analyzes to find value bets, and of course: to follow as many matches as possible live, as great opportunities tend to arise during ongoing clashes.

Is it worth betting on the future champion market?

Known as the long-term bet, the champion futures market attracts many bettors in knockout tournaments. In addition to being quite dynamic, as the odds for each team to win the competition are updated frequently, the elimination format means that, most of the time, the odds for the title offer good return values.

But of course, it is always recommended not to invest a lot of resources in markets of this nature. Since, for most professional bettors, this is seen as “extra bets”, which will not cause much impact on the balance of the bankroll itself.


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