“Benedetta”: Paul Verhoeven’s controversial success hits theaters this Thursday (13)

Based on facts, the French film addresses themes such as sexuality and religiosity; in Florianópolis, the exhibitions are at Paradigma Cine Arte
Image: Imovision/Disclosure

After having repercussions abroad, the French feature film “Benedetta” arrives in Brazilian cinemas this Thursday (13). A success at the Cannes Film Festival, the production was inspired by facts to narrate the story of Benedetta Carlini: an Italian nun who lived a good part of her life feeling disturbed by religious and erotic visions. To check out the film, just consult the schedule of the Paradigm Cine Arte, which will have exclusive exhibitions in Florianópolis.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven, responsible for works such asRobocop" (1987), "Wild instinct" (1992) and “Elle” (2016) the drama has a recognized cast of European cinema: Virginie Efira, Daphné Patakia, Charlotte Rampling, Lambert Wilson, among other names. In addition, despite not sparing controversy, “Benedetta” was elected one of the ten best films of 2021, in ranking made by the french magazine Cahiers du Cinema, one of the biggest references of the specialized media.

Brushing on themes such as homosexuality, repression, diversity and religiosity, the feature is set in XNUMXth century Tuscany. The protagonist, Benedetta Carlini, was part of a convent since childhood. At a young age, she supposedly possessed the gift of working miracles. However, throughout her life, she lived with visions that mixed eroticism and religiosity. 

Still in this context, Benedetta was assisted by a roommate, with whom she lived a troubled romance, threatening her stay in the convent. 

To compose this plot that mixes sensitive tones and themes that generated controversy, Paul Verhoeven reports in interviews with the international press that a lot of study was needed. Thus, the Dutch filmmaker had to carefully consult the documents related to the trial of the real story of Benedetta Carlini, a Catholic nun who was convicted of her lesbianism. In addition to Verhoeven, the script is also signed by david birke

In Brazil, “Benedetta” is distributed by imovision

See the schedule in cinemas. And to learn more about Paradigma Cine Arte, visit the website: www.paradigmacinearte.com.

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Images: Imovision/Disclosure.


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