Boat trip in Florianópolis: the certainty of a day well spent


If you've never done it, now is the right time! The experience of riding a speedboat is one of the most incredible we can live; is the guarantee of an excellent day spent with family or friends and thus being able to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Florianópolis from different perspectives.

You can do the rental boat tour, with or without a sailor, depending on whether or not you have knowledge in the area, remember that safety comes first and you must take care. At Nautal you will find many speedboats at your disposal.

The best beaches in Florianópolis where you can go

Brazil is full of charming places, but today the focus is on Florianópolis, whose main tourist beaches are located on Santa Catarina Island. They are more distributed in the north, east and south of the island, where you can find a little bit of everything, from the most famous beaches to small deserted treasures, which are still not in great demand.

To better guide you through your speedboat tour in Florianópolis, pay attention to the beaches that you cannot miss. Then just select the ones you really want to visit.

North Island beaches

- Bom Jesus waterfall

- Cacupe

- Canasvieiras

- Daniela

- English

- International Jurerê

- Traditional Jurerê

- Pond

- Ponta das Canas

- Brava Beach

- Praia do Forte

- Santinho Beach

- Shellmound

- Saint Anthony of Lisbon

Beaches on the East of the Island

- Lagoon Bar

- Galheta Beach

- Conceição Lagoon

- Joaquina Beach

- Gravata Beach

- Mozambique Beach

- Praia Mole

- Praia da Barra da Lagoa

South Island beaches

- Lagoinha do Leste beach

- Morro das Pedras beach

- Pântano do Sul Beach

- Azores Beach

- Armação Beach

- Solitude Beach

- Campeche Beach

- Saquinho Beach

- Matadeiro Beach

- Shipwrecked Beach

- Ribeirão da Ilha

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What activities can you do when visiting the beaches by speedboat?

As if the speedboat ride wasn't enough, then, we still suggest you more activities that you can include in this same tour, which will be especially appreciated by the more adventurous spirits.


Also known as kiteboard, this water sport is practiced with a board on the feet and with a kite that is carried by the wind and controlled by the practitioner himself. Long distances are covered at high speeds, as well as the execution of quite complicated maneuvers. This sport is suitable for those who already have some experience. 


In calmer sea areas, you can wakeboard. Just put a board on your feet and hold on to a cable that is pulled by the boat. The progress makes small waves, through which you can make maneuvers. Start slowly, swinging your body and then do other maneuvers. And don't worry if you fall. It happens to everyone. 


Snorkeling is the practice of diving in calm waters. In fact, it's very simple to practice: just have a mask, to be able to see the underworld underwater; fins, to swim more easily; and a breathing tube. 


This activity has the same objectives as snorkeling, however, you need your own suit, with the corresponding equipment and oxygen bottle. This allows for a deeper dive.


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