Criciúma starts Série B with leadership and highlights Santa Catarina football in the season

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Serie B of the Brazilian Championship had a positive start for football in Santa Catarina, at least in relation to Criciúma. The club from the interior took the lead in the competition with four rounds, and stands out as one of the favorites to gain access. Meanwhile, Chapecoense and Avai had inconstant initial rounds, with the capital team even changing coaches. It remains to be seen how the rest of the season will be for clubs from Santa Catarina in 2023.

There were three wins and a draw in the first four games, with 10 points that promise to make a difference in Criciúma's campaign in the competition. This start is important to gain confidence, including showing that it has the strength to compete for a position in the G4. The team from Santa Catarina has done that, being a promising start for Santa Catarina to return to the elite of Brazilian football.

After the relegations of recent years, the state ended up being left out of the Brasileirão in 2023, but Criciúma's goal is to change that. The team led by Claudio Tencati showed that they have the football to get good results in the Premiership, and are already starting to emerge as favorites for the title. In quotes from football betting site Mr.Jack, a platform with complete coverage of all divisions of national football, Tigre appears among the four teams most likely to win the Série B cup, something that only happened in 2002.

In these first four rounds, Criciúma saw some players stand out. One of them is midfielder Marquinhos Gabriel, responsible for four assists so far. He is the leader in this regard, being one of the most important pieces in the offensive sector of the team. The experienced player arrived in the squad in March of this year, and even with a short time, he seems to have blended in well. The idea is that he maintains the high level throughout the season.

Avail in low and with changes

While Criciúma dreams of a place in Série A in 2024, Avaí must even fight against a new relegation this year. This is what the performance of the team from the capital indicates in these first rounds of the second division. There were three defeats and only one victory so far, leaving the club in the mouth of Z4. A problem for the only representative from Florianópolis, who works at Ressacada Stadium, in the table.

The board has been looking for alternatives, and even opted for resignation by coach Alex de Souza. The former player was in charge of the team since the beginning of the season, but he couldn't stand the accumulation of bad results. One of the main problems was the defeat precisely by Criciúma, in a classic disputed in the third round. The change can cause motivation in the squad, and avoid the bad results that have happened so far.

In the projections made by the website, which points out the good chances of Criciúma in the season, also show a big problem for Avai. The club does not have good ratings, and everything indicates that bad results can follow in the next rounds. On the next 12th, for example, the classic against Chapecoense promises to be complicated, but important in the search for a recovery.

Irregular plate at start

The classic will also be important for Chape, who is still looking for regularity in Serie B. The team from Santa Catarina does not face the same problems as Avai, but it did not start in the best possible way either. It only added four points, with a victory, a draw and two defeats. The 10th position is a regular result, but it is not enough to dispute access again. Significant improvement is needed for the rest of the competition.

Chapecoense has gone through many ups and downs in recent seasons, and this has led to on bad results and relegations. Repeating this again in 2023 is the guarantee of a campaign that does not make football from Santa Catarina return to Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. However, the competition has only just begun and there is still a lot of room for improvement, and not just for Chape. Avai and Criciúma can still evolve, each with different objectives.

Football from Santa Catarina has always stood out in Brazil, and it is just going through a bad moment. However, due to the start of Criciúma in Série B, it is possible to believe that this will end next year. After all, the state deserves a team in the elite of national football.


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