The interesting world of horse racing and betting

Betting on horse racing is one of the fastest growing activities in casinos lately. The fact is that, really, the world of horse racing, in addition to being interesting, is very exciting. And it can also be quite productive if you become a good connoisseur of the sport. Here you can learn some important information about this attractive hobby, which moves large amounts of resources.

Types of horse racing

There are many varieties of horse racing that are practiced, contrary to what is commonly thought. since this hobby is usually associated with hippodromes and flat gallop races, the most popular. But there are other varieties, all exciting and with a large number of fans.

Flat Gallop horse racing

Betting on horse races of this type has become one of the most sought after options in casinos. Therefore, your trusted bookmaker, the Betsson, has the best markets available, with the most attractive odds, so you can bet on horse races in this modality, which ends up being the most popular.

As the name implies, this type of horse racing takes place on flat terrain, which is usually grass or sand fiber, without obstacles or slopes. In this way, the horse, guided by its jockey, can gallop at high speed, making this type of competition very exciting.

This type of race, also known as "flat", can be done in a circuit, in a straight line or in any other way. The Kentucky Derby, nearly two kilometers long, is one of the most representative races of this style. He has a large following, who are very attracted to betting on horse races of this type. And for that, your trusted bookmaker offers the Betsson app so you can bet in comfort, wherever you are and whenever you want.

Horse racing with obstacles

This type of race or “jump racing” event is best known and practiced in England and Ireland and usually takes place during the cold months of the year. I included three main categories:

  • of fences
  • From bumpers, performed on flat tracks with obstacles
  • Field or Steeplechases, where horses have to overcome bushes, fences and lakes

The most representative of this type of horse racing is the Queen's Cup, in Charlotte, North Carolina, which takes place in April.

trotter horse racing

They are little known horse races and in them the jockey does not go after the specimen, as it is in a Sulky, which is a two-wheeled cart. Also, the animal is trotting and not galloping. This modality is also practiced on snow in Scandinavian countries. Horse races of this style are held at the hippodrome of Mahón, in Menorca (Spain).

Types of bets on horse racing

There are several ways to bet on horse racing. After selecting the type of race you want to bet on, the next step is to define what type of bet to place. In equestrian betting, basically two options are considered for betting on horse races.

The direct bets

They are very simple bets to make and there are several modalities:

  • The winner: You bet on the horse that crosses the finish line first.
  • Second: wins if the horse you bet on finishes first or second.
  • Third: in this case, the horse you are betting on must cross the finish line in one of the first three places.
  • Placed Place: in this case it is only won if the selected horse finishes in first, second or third place.

The combined bets

Betting on horse races of this type requires a little more experience and knowledge than simple bets. And they are a little more complex to formulate, but they also pay off better than the direct ones. There are several modalities:

  • Exact: You bet that certain horses will finish first and second in the same race. To win, you must match the winners and in the selected order.
  • Imperfect: two horses are also chosen, in the same race, but in this case it is won regardless of the order of arrival, simply doing it first or second.
  • Trifeta: bet on the first three positions and respecting the exact order in which the three horses must arrive.
  • Quadrifeta: requires the prediction of which horses will finish first, second, third and fourth, in a certain order.
  • Twin: similar to imperfect. It is won if two selected horses take first and second place. If less than 6 horses are participating in the race, the order must be exact.


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