'Maral': Diego Stecanela's second single is released along with a video clip

The song is now available on major streaming platforms; The clip can be seen on the artist's YouTube channel.
Credit: Manu D'Eça Photography

Composed in March 2021, "Maral" emerged as an epiphany for Diego Stecanela. The lyrics, which compare the loss of someone to a ship that goes away on the horizon, appeared almost suddenly over a sad melody and simple and profound harmony, which persisted for days in the author's fingers during his piano studies. The official clip is now available on YouTube and the music can be checked out on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music and Amazon Music.

The initial touch is reminiscent of the call of a ship, the mood is dense and reflective. The memories that come and go are compared to the wind that comes from the sea - the "Maral", which gives the song its name and which hits the author's bedroom window during the entire month of March. And the same wind that brought the memories of recent losses - the song was composed during the pandemic, two weeks after the author lost one of his great friends to COVID-19 - also brought the inspiration for this song that starts out sad and reflective, but ends happy and festive, showing that, as the lyrics say, "what's good stayed" and life goes on despite everything.

Recorded with only vocals, piano, bass, drums and steel guitar, "Maral" is an intimate song. Diego Stecanela is responsible for the composition (lyrics and music), arrangement, piano, voice and, alongside Renato Pimentel (The Magic Place studio), the musical production. Pimentel also signs the mixing and mastering of the work. 

"Maral" also featured the special participation of the great guitarist and guitarist Luiz Meira, renowned musician who collects in his career works alongside some of the biggest names in Brazilian popular music, such as Gal Costa, Luiz Melodia, Elza Soares, Sá & Guarabira , among many others. On the fretless bass, Maral has Eduardo Wagner (Primavera nos Dentes, Dinheiro de Lua, Os Beterrables) and on drums, Guilherme Casarotto (The Botles, Old, Harmoníaco). 

This is Diego's second launch. But the number should increase considerably, as the musician promises at least six more audiovisual materials for 2023. Diego, in addition to composing, arranging, singing and playing the piano, organ, keyboard, guitar and ukulele in the recordings, also acts, scripts, edits and participates in directing their music videos, directing the music video for "Maral" alongside director Jorge Daux. 

Editing and publication: Willian Schütz - Journalist (MTB 0006989/SC)
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