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It was a typical winter night, with rain and wind, in Lagoa da Conceição. It was Wednesday, August 23rd, and the line wasn't that big because of the size of the show that the John Bull Pub was going to host. While waiting for the entrance, inside, End of Pipe, a band from the city formed by Pedro Marques (guitar/backing), Alex Ritter (bass), Uirá Medeiros (vocals/guitar) and Victor Berreta (drums), warmed up the crowd, waiting for the main attraction. Formed in 2006, End of Pipe follows a line of hardcore/melodic punk rock influenced by the 90's and groups like Garage Fuzz, Street Bulldog, Face to Face and Samiam and, by the little that I followed the show, I could see that they are doing a good work regarding the release of the new EP, 'Keep Running', and that the good reviews that the album has been receiving from the music press are no less. As I greeted friends and acquaintances at the entrance, I remembered the other performances I had already been to. The first, in Balneário Camboriú, the second and third, in Florianópolis. What I can say is that Dead Fish, the band responsible for my presence there, had a huge influence on my life. I remember the first time I heard the first minutes of the CD Afasia and I confess that my head turned inside out. Songs like 'Iceberg', 'Aphasia', 'Standard Citizen', 'Revolver', 'Third World Owners' entered my mind and settled there, exerting great personal and musical influence, as did 'Middle Dream', ' Black Women' and 'Escapando', from the second CD 'Sonho Médio' and 'Molotov', 'Individualismo de Massa' and 'Anarquia Corporation', from the CD 'Sirva-se', the first of the Espírito Santo band.

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In this show, the band planned to play the entire album 'Zero e Um', which completes 10 years. It was with him that Dead Fish opened its doors to MTV and the national market, making the group achieve greater popularity, which was already great, but in the underground. They also ended up recording a live DVD on the station, in addition to being winners of the VMB twice, an event that awarded the best in music in the respective years of occurrence. And it was around midnight Rodrigo (vocals), Alyand (bass) - these two are the only remnants of the band's first formations - Marcos (drums) and Rick (guitar) took the stage at Casa do Rock taking the approximately 250 people went crazy, intoning the first chords of 'A Urgência', the song that opens the 2004 album, the band's 6th. The show continued with 'Tão Eguais', 'Zero e Um', 'Queda Livre' and 'Welcome to the Club', leaving no one standing still with all the jostling of mosh pits e stage dives, with hands, feet, heads and bodies flailing and shooting from all sides.

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The show continued with 'Senhor, Seu Troco', 'You', 'Sonhos Colonizado's and 'Por Não tem que Dizer', with 'Engarrafamento', 'Disencounters', 'Re-learn to Walk' and 'Follow', that completes the disk. Honestly, I was waiting for the show to continue with songs from other albums, feeling that during this time, the event gave a certain "cool" on the part of the band and audience. While the moment did not arrive, I took the time to talk to the acquaintances, have a beer and wander around the place, very well accompanied. It was great to see old friends again and to feel that only a band like Dead Fish is able to bring together people from different moments of their lives in one place; to keep together friendships that, despite not having frequent meetings, are strong and permanent. In this, Rodrigo thanked the audience for their energy, saying that (Siga) was the last song on the record, that how that record had marked their lives, everything that had happened and how good it was to be in the city. I remained "resting" until the moment 'Iceberg' was announced, one of my favorite songs. Back in the crowd, songs from the latest work, 'Contra Todos', and 'Um Homem Só', both albums that I don't know much about, were played, in addition to 'Sonho Médio', 'Tango' and 'Afasia', a classic that closed in the evening. Overall, despite so many good moments, I felt a lack of more energy, more excitement. The show was good, but it didn't come close to the others I've seen. I felt that there was a lack of greater interaction between the band and the audience, not to the point where the members were robotic, but rather warmer. It was a short show, and several factors can influence it, but that's another matter. I really liked the atmosphere of the house, the friends, the companionship, the tan. Oh! And I cannot forget to thank Fabiano, from Rock Productions, for the chance and wait - long-awaited - of tickets (thanks dear!). Gabriel Faraco Photos: Instagram @deadfishoficial / Rafael Enoch - John Bull Pub


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