Santa Catarina's largest YouTube channel dedicated to Afro-Brazilian culture and religiosity celebrates six years

Founded on July 26, Canal Macumbaria has already surpassed 31 million views on the virtual platform

The biggest channel in Santa Catarina about Afro-Brazilian culture and religiosity on YouTube is in a celebratory mood. It is about Macumbaria channel, which is turning six on July 26th.

With about 31 million views in total, Canal Macumbaria is an initiative of the singer Juliana D Passos. She who lives in São José and is one of the biggest digital influencers in the Afro-Brazilian segment. “We've reached where I would never have imagined reaching; We receive messages from all over the world and it is this affection that strengthens us in difficult moments”, declares the artist.

Over these six years, there were several stories and remarkable moments. In this sense, the channel went through several phases and did not stop during the pandemic.

In recent years, during social isolation, the team of employees carried out lives, made point recordings, replicated shows across Brazil and even recorded video clips, drastically reducing the size of the teams and, in some cases, even modifying scripts and artistic direction. "We wore a mask and alcohol gel all the time, we stayed in a maximum of three in a space that used to fit 20 people: everything to ensure the continuity of this work that we all love"Says Thiago Vieira, responsible for the musical and audiovisual technical part of the channel.

Another characteristic that helped to project Juliana's work was her charisma and her good humor, which are explicit on social media and even in professional YouTube videos.

Finally, the support of cultural incentive laws also helped to survive the pandemic and get some projects off the ground. This was the case of the five video clips recorded last year about the Yoruba deities and entities Xangô, Exu, Maria Padilha, Iansã and Zé Pelintra.

In a country where 59% of the crimes of intolerance are directed towards religions of African origin, celebrating six uninterrupted years on the air in parallel with a musical show is also a way of resisting and perpetuating the culture of our ancestors.


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