More than 400 people have already visited the BADESC Cultural Foundation in 2022

The institution, which is located in the center of Florianópolis, is receiving visits from school groups by appointment.

In the first two months of 2022 alone, the Badesc Cultural Foundation received 446 visitors. Open from Monday to Friday, from 13 pm to 19 pm, the institution receives, until March 31, the exhibition Topologies of the Imagination: Artist Residency Fundação Cultural BADESC. In it, ten artists residing in Santa Catarina present works in the most varied artistic languages.

And as of this month of March, in addition to the free visitation for passers-by in the central region of Florianópolis, the Foundation is receiving school groups and those interested in knowing a little more about the mansion and the exhibition on display. These guided tours are carried out by the art educator Dennison Antonio.


To schedule groups, send an email to In this contact, it is necessary to inform the name of the school unit, number of students and a suggestion of date and time. The request will be received by the Foundation's team, which will carry out the internal procedures for the visit.

The BADESC Cultural Foundation is located at Rua Visconde de Ouro Preto, 216, in downtown Florianópolis. And for the meetings to be held, health protocols are followed and the use of a mask will be mandatory for visitors.

Notice 2022

Later this month, the results of the four exhibitions selected for exhibition at Espaço Fernando Beck will be announced. The projects will integrate the 2022 calendar of the BADESC Cultural Foundation.

Source: Press office of the Badesc Cultural Foundation.


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