20 tips for eating and drinking well in the four corners of the most desired capital in the summer

Whether on the island or in the continental region, Florianópolis is a perfect gastronomic destination.

Florianópolis, one of the most popular destinations in Brazil, has a series of natural beauties, such as beaches, parks, trails and an infinity of options for fun and leisure. When it comes to gastronomy, the city surprises even more. With typical, local and good quality ingredients, tourists, as well as residents of the capital of Santa Catarina, can try dishes with diverse flavors and aromas.

Among all the options of restaurants, bistros, bars and food spaces, whether on the Island or on the mainland, discover 20 suggestions which prove that Florianópolis can be considered a tasty gastronomic destination - and that the options go far beyond seafood.

south of the island

For those who are or want to know the gastronomic options of south region of the island of SC, the suggestions are the Ponta D'Agulha Costelaria, specializing in meat and ribs, the Botanical – Creative Harvest, an organic restaurant that features vegan and vegetarian dishes, the Musume Sushi and the vineyards, a wine bar with contemporary cuisine. All restaurants are located at MULTI Open Shopping, on Rio Tavares (Rodovia Dr. Antônio Luiz Moura Gonzaga, 3339). The first open mall in the region features a mix of more than 30 operations, including a cinema, and has a free cultural agenda. Learn more by visiting @multiopenshopping.

Still speaking of the southern region of the Island of SC, the balako bar It is undoubtedly one of the most charming places. The bar is located at Galeria NC, in Novo Campeche, on one of the most popular beaches in Florianópolis, the Campeche beach. In addition to delicious bar food, such as pastries, pies that melt in your mouth, dry drumsticks, in addition to other wonders, the house offers original drinks and reinterpretations of classics prepared by the house mixologist, Lucas Gomes, which are a success in their own right.


Now at Historical Center, the suggestion is to know the Franklin Bar (Rua Tiradentes, 223). The bar, which rescues the culture of the Capital and pays homage to the manezinho researcher of Azorean culture Franklin Cascaes, presents authorial drink options with local and rare ingredients, which are the highlight of the bar's menu, such as Araçá. The menu also has suggestions for traditional drinks and food. At @franklinbar_ you can learn more about the place.

At Rua Jerônimo Coelho, 353, you will find the Panas Empanadas Argentinian, the first franchise of the Rio Grande do Sul chain in Santa Catarina. In addition to Argentine empanadas, the flagship of the menu, at @panasfloripa you will find other Buenos Aires delicacies, such as panchos, tortillas and medialunas. Panas is also on Ifood.

Still in the central region and under the Hercílio Luz bridge, is the mansion 318 (Rua Henrique Valgas, 318), bar/nightclub with a young and relaxed appeal that welcomes bands and prominent musicians from the south of the country. Located in a beautiful historic mansion in the city, @casarao318 has authorial drinks. Among the delicacies on the menu, the Golda Cheese Crispy stands out.

Coconut trees

Unlike what most tourists who visit Floripa for the first time think, the capital of Santa Catarina is not restricted to the island; There are some neighborhoods in the continental region of Florianópolis, and undoubtedly the Coqueiros neighborhood is one that cannot be missing from your gastronomic and leisure itinerary. One of the most iconic addresses on the charming Via Gastronómica de Coqueiros is the traditional Boteco Zé Mané, which in 2023 will complete 12 years of operation.

Located in a charming historic mansion, the house rescued the tradition of pubs, combined with the customs of Azorean cuisine. It mixes the typical manezinha cuisine with the traditional gastronomy of a bar. In addition to typical cuisine, Boteco Zé Mané (Rua Desembargador Pedro Silva, 2360) is also famous for valuing local artists and live music, especially samba.

Also in the continental part of the capital and on the same gastronomic route in Coqueiros, the brewery beer and pork (Rua Desembargador Pedro Silva, 2019) brings a proposal that is an international trend: 16 beer taps, cuisine with an emphasis on pork-based dishes, games and live music; all in a relaxed atmosphere with a privileged view of the sea. Tip: you can't help but try the Rib BBQ, a pork rib in homemade barbecue sauce accompanied by cubes of caramelized pineapple.

For those who love good meat and want to enjoy the view of the sea, a great (and only) option for a house specializing in grilled meats with a view of the sea is also located in the Coqueiros neighborhood: On Hot Costelaria (R. Des. Pedro Silva, 2280). It serves quick and complete meals for the day to day with a rich a la carte menu, in which ribs are the big star alongside other noble cuts of meat, such as T-Bone, Prime Ribs and Stinco de Cordeiro. Don't leave without tasting the dulce de leche pancake dessert, freshly caramelized in front of the customer.

An Italian by the sea!

O Fiori Ristorante has a menu of traditional Italian recipes with fresh pasta - which is the Group's trademark, in an even lighter approach and with many seafood options. Foot in the sand, authorial drinks and a wine list harmonized with the menu of the Italian entrepreneur and chef Filippo Ferrantelli fully please the most demanding palates. Fiori is open every day for lunch and dinner, including spectacular sunsets on the gastronomic shores of the setting sun. Fiori is the fourth restaurant of Famiglia Carbone – read carbone pizzeria (Square SC), little carbone (Floripa Shopping) and City Carbone (Pátio Milano) opened at the end of December, on the Caminho dos Açores, in Santo Antonio district of Lisbon.


Strategically located in front of the water mirror at Passeio Primavera (SC- 401, 4150), the DANKO It is a space where gastronomy, drinks and music converge to meet and connect people in an environment of well-being. In the menu signed by the chef and nutritionist André Nutrichef, there are dishes with meat, seafood, pasta and salads, all with a refined reading of Brazilian cuisine. The restaurant also offers low carb, vegetarian and vegan options. Learn more by visiting @danko.floripa.

One of the best sushi places in town – if not the best – is at Square SC. THE Jun Kappo (@junkapposushi) put a sophisticated touch on Japanese delicacies in a unique setting. Among the dining options offered on site is the Orientales (@orientalescarnesyvinos), restaurant specializing in Uruguayan parrilla and selected wines.

italian canteen
Bruschetta, carbonara, ravioli, parmigiana, burrata. This is the accent and also some of the flavors that can be enjoyed at Little Carbone (@littlecarbone), the Italian canteen located in the Espaço Gourmet at Floripa Shopping, also on the SC 401 highway. It was the first restaurant in the capital to offer the famous “ macaroni inside the cheese”, the Spettacolare Carbone. The fresh tagliolini-type paste is flambéed with cognac inside a whole piece of grana padano and finished at the customer's table.

Jurerê in_

One of the novelties of this summer in Jurerê in_ (Jurerê Internacional beach) and the Fajã Restaurant – Cuisine and Sea (name inspired by a beach in the Azores archipelago), located at the Jurerê Beach Village hotel. Inaugurated in December 2022, it is open to the public and offers modern cuisine that values ​​the flavors and aromas of Azorean culture. Seafood is the house’s flagship (@fajarestaurante), making up around 70% of the menu, with an emphasis on fresh fish from the region. For those who love meat, there are also delicious options with noble and different cuts. The dishes are exclusive, between reinterpretations of classics and authorial, all with the signature of chef Gouveia, with more than 20 years of experience and passage in several Portuguese gastronomy restaurants.

In the same neighborhood and also with a summer climate is the Positano Diamond Bar, located in the IL Campanario Villaggio Resort. The place is perfect for those looking for high-quality gastronomic experiences. There are several options of light and refreshing salads, various dishes based on seafood (including moquecas), as well as delicious snacks. To accompany, a vast drinks list with selected labels and classic and exclusive drinks. The restaurant offers three environments: indoors (more intimate and refined), air-conditioned veranda (more laid-back) and a deck overlooking the street.

In the same hotel in Positano, the IL Campanario Villaggio Resort, two other gastronomic spaces stand out: Espaço La Fontana, where a delicious selected buffet is served (with special emphasis on feijoada on Saturdays), and Simple by the Pool, the bar from the pool with DJs on holidays and in high season. 

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