Joe Biden calls Nicolás Maduro a “dictator” at event in Miami

The Democratic candidate for the White House visited the south of the state of Florida and did not spare criticism of the president of Venezuela.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden visited South Florida as part of his campaign strategy. The area has a large presence of Latin American voters. In the Little Havana neighborhood, Biden criticized Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro, calling him a dictator.

This was the method used by Biden to try to change the course of his campaign and respond to current US President Donald Trump. The Republican candidate seeking re-election claims that Biden is a socialist and a friend of dictators. Such an association can impact part of the electorate. 

“Maduro, whom I met, is a dictator pure and simple. And he is causing incredible suffering to the Venezuelan people to remain in power,” Biden said.

"We must lead international efforts to address the massive humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Maduro is causing incredible suffering to Venezuelans to stay in power. Venezuelans need our support to regain democracy and rebuild their country," Biden.

All steps of the election can be followed in international sites and Brazilian portals, such as Tecno News.

Biden also spoke about his relationship with Cuba. The Obama administration began a process of rapprochement with the island, but this process cooled down with the victory of Donald Trump and his move to the White House.

"We need a new policy towards Cuba. This administration's approach is not working. Cuba is no closer to freedom and democracy today than it was four years ago," Biden said of the policies he would implement towards Cuba.

The Democrat also criticized Russia's "significant" presence on the Caribbean island and highlighted its history of fighting in favor of democracy and human rights and against "right and left dictators", he added.

According to a survey by the University of North Florida (UNF), 51% of Florida voters plan to vote for Democrat Joe Biden in the upcoming November election.

On the other hand, 45% choose to re-elect President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, at the national level, a CNN poll published on Tuesday estimated that former Vice President Joe Biden leads the election with a 06-point lead over Trump.


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