Fat Bike Floripa's first physical store opens at Multi Open Shopping

Brand specializing in alternative mobility was born in 2017 in Florianópolis

Fat Bike Floripa opens its first physical store at Multi Open Shopping. Credit: Disclosure

The first physical storethe Fat Bike Floripa open on Multi Open Shopping, the one and only open shopping from the southern region of Santa Catarina Island. The brand specializing in alternative mobility was founded in Florianópolis in 2017 by Davi Bartzen.

Fat Bike Floripa occupies a store at the front of the enterprise and offers a variety of electrical products such as scooter e bikes, combustion engines for bicycles, fat bikes, mountain bike, touring bikes and accessories. 

Three people will work in the space, which will also have a small workshop for adjustments, installation and repairs of customer products. Even with the physical store, the brand will continue making sales throughout the country through the website.

O Multi Open Shopping It is located on the banks of the Rodovia Dr. Antônio Luiz Moura Gonzaga, 3339, on the Tavares River, in Florianópolis.

Initiative for the first physical store

               Bartzen, the venture's founder, lives in the Campeche neighborhood since 2010, says that initially the company's objective was to work with the rental of bikes. However, the administrator says that, along the way, new opportunities emerged and that the idea of ​​expanding the business to a physical unit came about when he became part of Impact Hub, a global network of entrepreneurs.

               "We were welcomed and encouraged to expand the business, which until then was a home office. And it was through them that we met the administrators of Multi and who painted the invitation for us to occupy one of the open shopping stores”, recalls Bartzen.

              The owner also says this was a stimulus to continue with the sales channel online and also the right time to work with sales and face-to-face service in a physical store at Multi.

"We are excited about the partnership to be in the only mall in the South of the Island, which has a great entrepreneurial purpose and welcomed us to form a great successful partnership for many years.”, points out Bartzen.

Specializing in clean transport alternatives

               Fat Bike Floripa specializes in electric vehicles, mopeds and fat bikes – bikes with fat tires that generate great stability on the asphalt and are not too heavy to pedal. In addition, they are suitable for uneven ground and can be cycled on the edge of the beach, as it has good flotation on the sand.

               "We promote alternative mobility as a change in locomotion paradigms, clean transport alternatives and respect for the environment”, highlights the owner.

Davi also adds that the brand believes that it is possible to make better cities with less polluting, more economical and more efficient means of transport. 

Publication: William Schütz
Contact by email: redacao.willianschutz@gmail.com
Source: Multi Open Shopping press office - Juliano Zanotelli
Photo credit: Disclosure.


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