Project Beer Social project has part of the profit in sales destined for donations

Faced with a scenario in which solidarity is even more necessary, Lohn Bier and Bistek Supermercados launch the Social beer, with the aim of helping people with difficulties at this time of a pandemic. The project allocates part of the profit in sales to social causes, which play a fundamental role in the livelihood of many families.

"We are very happy to participate in this project, which brings joy to people and helps others. These are new times that we are living, which leads us to reflect on how we can make our contribution to improving the lives of the most vulnerable people.”, says businessman Wagner Ghislandi, Marketing Director of the Bistek Supermarkets Network.

The Social Beer is an American Amber Ale, of medium strength with characteristics of floral and fruity American hops in the foreground, in the aroma and flavor. The Amber color (reddish) is brought about by the intensity of malts that give flavors of bread, biscuit, light caramel, and which are balanced with the intensity of the American bittering hops. It is already on sale in the 19 stores of Bistek Supermercados in Santa Catarina.

"In all, there are 6.000 liters of beer bottled in 600ml bottles. Beers are not an essential consumer good, but they have the power of contemplation, which is what makes people's happiness index increase. Being able to do this by uniting the brewery, points of sale and consumers warms everyone's heart. You don't drink beers alone, so we wouldn't do good alone either”, highlights Lohn Bier brewer and sommelier Richard Brighenti.

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