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Want to start a business, but still have no idea where to start? Then check out what we have prepared next!

Undertaking is not as simple a task as one imagines. Starting a business requires investments, studies and a lot of resilience on the part of the entrepreneur who takes risks in business activity.

However, there is a feature present in most successful businesses that have emerged in the last 5 years. This feature is the presence of the internet as a working tool.

In other words, the internet is an ally of entrepreneurs when it comes to creating a successful business. In today's text we separate some profitable sectors that you can start your business. To find out what they are, read the text until the end and find out!

Is it worth undertaking in 2023?

Due to the fluctuations suffered by the economy, many people wonder if it is worth undertaking in 2023. In advance, we can say that the key to success in any undertaking is the resilience of the entrepreneur.

To better illustrate what we're talking about, think of the fashion industry. This sector was one of the most affected by the global economic crisis, causing sales to fall by around 54% in 2021 and 48% in 2022.

On the other hand, we have the delivery sector. This experienced an increase of more than 400%. So what do we learn from this information?

Well, the entrepreneur who wants to remain competitive in the market needs to reinvent himself and update himself according to the changes in the world. Those who paid attention to this did not suffer any kind of damage during the pandemic or any economic crisis.

So if you want to know if it's worth undertaking in 2023, know that the answer to that question is yes, it's worth it. But, resilience is needed to stay "alive" in the market!

Which sectors remain high for 2023?

The years 2020, 2021 and 2022 were extremely complex and brought significant changes in the way consumers interact with brands and companies.

In this sense, the sectors that had the greatest increase and remain heated for 2023 are:

  • Sale of computer products - growth of approximately 50% in 2022;
  • e-commerce stores, including clothing and accessories - 250% increase in 2022;
  • Mobile game development - 800% increase, with net income of R$800 billion;
  • pet care - 300% increase;
  • Sale of vegetarian and vegan products.

This year, expectations remain high and the market is projecting an interesting growth for the technology segment, items for the e-commerce platform and beauty items.

Therefore, it is possible to perceive that the trends remain the same when we look to the future of the domestic market.

It is worth noting that businesses that use technology to their advantage, such as online companies, tend to show better growth and acceptance by the market.

Below, we separate some business ideas for you to start undertaking. Check out!

6 business tips to start today

After getting to know a little more about trends in rising sectors in the country, it's time to check out 6 business tips for you to start your own business today. See the best options below:

1- Set up an online store

Many beginner entrepreneurs tend to turn their noses up at the idea of ​​setting up a virtual store. However, before you do that too, pay attention to the following number:

In 2019, in Brazil alone, e-commerce earned more than 80 billion reais. In 2021, the sector broke the record and reached the incredible turnover of 400 billion reais.

Amazon was one of the main protagonists in this scenario, thanks to the ease and practicality it offers, as well as the promotions and amazon coupon.

Therefore, with each passing year, e-commerce through virtual stores remains high. Even though it is highly disputed, this space has opportunities for everyone.

The best thing about this is that you don't even have to spend on renting a physical environment. All you will need is a social network or website to promote your products.

So, if you still don't know how virtual stores work and want to take the first step in creating yours, start with Instagram or Facebook. Later, create a website to give your business more professionalism.

2- Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model in which the entrepreneur does not need to keep a physical stock of the products he sells, but rather partner with suppliers who are in charge of sending directly to the final customer. 

In other words, dropshipping allows the entrepreneur to act as an intermediary between the supplier and the customer, without having to worry about storing or shipping the products.

This business model has become increasingly popular as it offers several advantages, such as low initial investment, flexibility and ease of management. 

Also, with the growing trend of online shopping, dropshipping can be an excellent business opportunity for 2023.

In this case, you can choose to work with dropshipping from best supplements, whether national or imported.

However, it is important to remember that, as in any undertaking, it is necessary to carry out market research to identify which are the most sought after products, who is the target audience and who are the most reliable suppliers. 

With planning and strategy, dropshipping can be a great option for those who want to undertake in an innovative way and with growth potential.

3- Sale of Infoproducts

The so-called infoproducts are digital products, such as online courses, audiobooks, infographics, e-books, among others. The main objective of these items is the dissemination of knowledge online.

Given the fact that they are made available and consumed online, many people pay for the community offered by infoproducts.

In addition, it is a fully scalable business, with a low initial investment. Therefore, the profits obtained from this type of venture may be what you need to get out of "CLT".

But, to be successful in selling infoproducts, you need to study your target audience's needs, pains and interests and create a spectacular offer that meets everything they seek.

By doing this, the chances of achieving success increase significantly.

4- Creation and sale of handmade/personalized products

Selling crafts and personalized products is a good business option for 2023 for several reasons. 

First, consumers are increasingly valuing exclusive and personalized products, which opens up an opportunity for entrepreneurs to offer differentiated products. 

In addition, handicraft is an activity that can be carried out at home, which reduces operating costs, and can be a source of income for people looking for remote work or a second source of income. 

Also, social networks and online marketplaces allow for greater exposure of products, enabling potential customers to be reached nationally and even internationally, making handicrafts a scalable business. 

Finally, crafts and personalized products have an emotional appeal, which can generate greater customer loyalty and engagement.

5- Services related to the aesthetic sector 

Our country is ranked third in the ranking of the largest aesthetic markets in the world and that is no coincidence, surpassing even more traditional niches, such as, for example, that of .

Both women and men are extremely concerned about their appearance and well-being. Thus, visits to aesthetic clinics are frequent, which makes the sector remain hot even in challenging times like the pandemic.

To enter this sector, some interesting business ideas include massage services, hairdressing, manicures and pedicures, all with home service. The more you can make life easier for your customers, the more interested they will be.

A good tip is to invest in employee training for treatments related to Botox and peeling, as concerns about the face have become one of the biggest concerns among customers.

6- Pet shop

Finally, our last business tip for you to start your own business in 2023 is opening a pet shop.

This is one of the fastest growing niches in recent years. Because people are more concerned about the health of their friends and are taking them to pet shops frequently.

This journey involves not only health care, but also your appearance. Therefore, if you intend to invest in this sector, train your employees to take care of the health and beauty of pets.

Offer bathing, shaving and beautifying services, with clothes and accessories that make them look cuter. This will win the hearts of tutors and make them come to your venture more often.


Starting a new business is a daunting task, but the internet has made it simpler. Today, there are plenty of lucrative niche options to explore.

So, just get to know them and choose an option that you have an affinity with. In our text, we separate some simple and popular options for those who are starting in the world of entrepreneurship.

So, we hope you enjoyed these options and if so, put some of them into practice!


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