Learn all about the SKOL Brass that will take revelers to enjoy the Bloco do Sujos de Floripa for free

Santa Catarina, February 2020 - SKOL Puro Malte knows that drinking and driving don't mix, and, thinking of encouraging conscious consumption and taking a look at the traffic jams that make everyone mad, the Brewery will provide ten bus in a Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days to transport revelers from the mainland to the center, and also to return to the mainland. 


The Tigira (the Bus Terminal that gives traffic a turn) is being built in Continental seaside (Avenida Cláudio A. Barbosa, 3.673, first parking lot). The disembarkation/embarkation point will be on the street Francisco Tolentino, 465-441, Center. The SKOL Brass line will take place in Carnival Saturday, day February 22, during the Dirty Block, from 12 pm, with brass - as the bus is affectionately called by the manezinhos. The schedules will be every 30 minutes, with all ten Latão Skol running simultaneously with round-trip routes.

One of the highlights of the route is the passage through Ponte Hercílio Luz, the dear lady of the capital of Santa Catarina, which was reopened after almost 30 years. She will also be one of those responsible for clearing the traffic during this Carnival and facilitating the arrival of revelers who opt for Latão Skol. 

Understand how to participate

To ride a Skol Brass, it is necessary to make a prior registration on the Sympla website, present a photo ID at the location and be over 18 years old. Whoever enters the brass, will receive a bracelet that will entitle them to return to the Continent. 

What can not

You cannot enter the vehicle with any type of drink and cooler, in addition to sharp objects and glass bottles. Everything to bring safety, comfort and fun to those who will enjoy the parties in Floripa. 

Skol wants you to enjoy Carnival safely, so the tip is: if you drink, take the bus! Get ready for revelry, go comfortable, arrive early in our Tigira located on the mainland of the island, and wait for your bus to arrive. We will have hours available from 12 pm to 23 pm.  

Publication: William Schütz Santos.
Contact by email: redacao.willianschutz@gmail.com.
Source: Skol press office.


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