February 2020 programming of the Cineclube of the Badesc Cultural Foundation

The program has two special shows and six partner shows

O Film club of the Badesc Cultural Foundation, right in downtown Florianópolis, holds free movie sessions, from Tuesday to Friday, at 19pm. However, some special sessions occasionally take place on Saturdays, or at 17pm.

Curated by the filmmaker and cultural producer Vanessa Sandre, which has the support of several partners: ART7 (the oldest partner of the cineclube, in operation since the mid-1960s); Africa in Cinema; focus on cinema; French Alliance of Florianopolis; Cine Delas [Floripa]; P.synanalysis goes to the movies e Brazilian Italian Circle (CIB). Some of the sessions are mediated and/or followed by debates that deepen the themes covered in the films.

Contemporary Italian Film Festival

One of the highlights of the February programming at the cineclube is the curatorship in partnership with Círculo Ítalo Brasileiro (CIB) and Foco em Cinema: the Mostra Mostra de Cinema Italiano Contemporâneo. There are five films that are distinct from each other, both thematically and stylistically, and that present the creative breadth of Italian cinema of the last decades, emerging from the Italian political-social instabilities. The films are shown on the 04th, 06th, 07th, 13th and 14th of February, always at 19pm. The sessions are mediated by Bruno Andrade (writer and editor of Revista Foco) and Silvio Saffaro (member of the CIB), both partners of the Foundation's film club.

Show Misfits from cineclube ART7

ART7's proposal for the February programming is to show feature films in which the protagonists suffer social dislocations and sociability difficulties - the "misfits". The exhibition sessions are every Wednesday in February at 19pm.

Africa in Cinema

With monthly screenings of cinematographic productions of African origin, together with debates, África no Cinema is one of the university extension activities promoted by the Laboratory of Studies in African History (LEHAf/UFSC). The project aims to promote the artistic and cultural wealth of the African continent through its cinematography, as well as to discuss the representations of Africa in cinema. The partnership with Fundação Cultural Badesc started in 2013 and has monthly meetings. For this edition, LEHAf has new institutional partnerships: the Aliança Francesa de Florianópolis and the Institut Français. The Africa no Cinema session in February is scheduled for the 11th, at 19pm, with the film "talking about trees" (talking about trees).

  • Full schedule of the Badesc Cultural Foundation cineclub:

Day 04, Tuesday, at 19:XNUMX
Contemporary Italian Film Festival:
The tragedy of a ridiculous man (La tragedia di un uomo ridicolo) by Bernardo Bertolucci. Italy (1981). 116 min. Drama/Comedy/Satire. 14 years.
Synopsis: The owner of a cheese factory has his son kidnapped by terrorists and needs to decide whether to save him or recover his company, which is on the verge of bankruptcy.
Mediation: Bruno Andrade (film critic) and Silvio Saffaro (CIB).

Day 05, Wednesday, at 19:XNUMX
ART7 - Misfits:
the second face (Seconds) by John Frankenheimer. USA (1966). 106 min. Science Fiction/Thriller. Without classification.
Synopsis: A hapless middle-aged banker agrees to a procedure that will fake his death and give him a new appearance and identity, which comes with its own price. 

Day 06, Thursday, at 19:XNUMX
Contemporary Italian Film Festival:
"Respite" by Emanuele Crialese. Italy and France (2002). 95 min. Drama. 14 years.
Synopsis: Living on a small island, married and mother of three, Grazia's free personality is interpreted as emotional instability by the neighbors.
Mediation: Bruno Andrade (film critic) and Silvio Saffaro (CIB).

Day 07, Friday, at 19:XNUMX
Contemporary Italian Film Festival:
At the first breath of wind (Al cousin soffio di vento) by Franco Piavoli. Italy (2002). 85 min. Drama. 12 years.
Synopsis: After a troubled summer lunch with the family, each member decides to spend time in their own way, reflecting on the lonely condition of today's society.
Mediation: Bruno Andrade (film critic) and Silvio Saffaro (CIB).

Day 11, Tuesday, at 19:XNUMX
Africa at the movies:
"talking about trees" (talking about trees) by Suhaib Gasmelbari. France, Sudan and Chad (2019). 93 min. Documentary. Without classification.
Synopsis: Four veteran filmmakers, founders of the 'Sudanese Film Group', decide to revive the old cinema by remembering the history of cinema in Sudan.
Mediation: Alex Brandão (LEHAf-UFSC).

12th, Wednesday, at 19:XNUMX
ART7 - Misfits:
"Border" (grains) by Ali Abbasi. Sweden and Denmark (2018). 110 min. Crime/Drama/Fantasy. 16 years. With Eva Melander, Eero Milonoff and Jörgen Thorsson.
Synopsis: A customs official who has the ability to smell fear develops an unusual attraction to a strange traveler, while assisting a police investigation that calls into question her entire existence.

Day 13, Thursday, at 19:XNUMX
Contemporary Italian Film Festival:
"matter of the heart" (A matter of the heart) by Francesca Archibugi. Italy (2009). 102 min. Dramatic comedy. 14 years.
Synopsis: The friendship between Angelo and Alberto, two very different men due to their social, cultural and lifestyle origins, is born in a hospital room where they are hospitalized.
Mediation: Bruno Andrade (film critic) and Silvio Saffaro (CIB).

Day 14, Friday, at 19:XNUMX
Contemporary Italian Film Festival:
"the beauty that sleeps" (Sleeping Beauty) by Marco Bellocchio. Italy and France (2012). 115 min. Drama. 14 years.
Synopsis: The lives, stories, political, religious and moral issues surrounding the real case of Eluana Englaro: a young woman who spent 17 years in a vegetative state.
Mediation: Bruno Andrade (film critic) and Silvio Saffaro (CIB).

Day 18, Tuesday, at 17:XNUMX
Film focus:
"Redbeard's Treasure" (moonfleet) by Fritz Lang USA (1955). 85 min. Adventure. Free classification.
Synopsis: John Mohune, a ten-year-old boy, is left by his dying mother in the care of womanizing Jeremy Fox, head of a smuggling band. Together, they go on a treasure hunt.
Mediation: Bruno Andrade (film critic).

Day 18, Tuesday, at 19:XNUMX
Film focus:
"A Perfect World" (The Perfect World) by Clint Eastwood. USA (1993). 138 min. Drama (14 years old).
Synopsis: Butch, an escaped prisoner, kidnaps Phillip, a naive boy. A surprising bond grows between the two, even as the police get closer.
Mediation: Bruno Andrade (film critic).

19th, Wednesday, at 19:XNUMX
ART7 - Misfits:
"fusi" by Dagur Kari. Iceland and Denmark (2015). 94 min. Drama. 14 years. 
Synopsis: Fusi, a 43-year-old man, still lives with his mother. His everyday life is characterized by a monotonous routine, but the appearance of the vibrant Sjöfn and the young neighbor, Hera, will disturb his old bachelor habits.

Day 20, Thursday, at 19:XNUMX
French Alliance Cine:
"In good hands" (Pupil) by Jeanne Herry. France (2018). 110 min. Drama. Without classification.
Synopsis: Theo is a baby who was abandoned at birth. Social services had to find the perfect home for her adoption.

26th, Wednesday, at 19:XNUMX
ART 7 - Misfits:
"Jimmy's Salon" (Jimmy's Hall) by Ken Loach. United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium and Japan (2014). 109 min. Biography/Drama. Without classification.
Synopsis: During the Great Depression, Jimmy Gralton returns home to Ireland after ten years of exile in America. Seeing the levels of poverty and oppression, he awakens in him the urge to reopen the dance hall that led to his deportation.

Day 27, Thursday, at 19:XNUMX
Cine Delas [Floripa]:
"Splendor"(Hikari) by Naomi Kawase. Japan and France (2017). 101 min. Drama romance. 10 years.
Synopsis: A passionate writer of film versions for the visually impaired meets an older photographer who is slowly losing his sight.

Day 28, Friday, at 19:XNUMX
Psychoanalysis goes to the cinema:
"Last Year in Marienbad" (Last year in Marienbad) by Alain Resnais. France and Italy (1961). 94 min. Drama/Mystery. Without classification. 
Synopsis: In a strange and isolated chateau, a man becomes acquainted with a woman and insists they have met before.

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