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Discover everything about the aviator in this short article and draw your conclusions about this wonderful game that in the year 2024 continues to be one of the crazes here in Brazil.

Does Aviator make money? See How It Works

Aviator is a very simple and easy to play crash game. The aviator works as follows: you choose an amount to bet that ranges from R$1 to R$500 reais, and there are two ways to finalize the bet, one manually and the other automatically. And you must finalize the bet before the plane explodes, with the amount bet multiplying according to how much the plane rises.

Remembering that the higher the plane climbs, the higher your returns will be. A golden tip is that you start by betting low amounts, because if you lose as the amount is low it will not affect your bankroll and when you win the amount will be higher than what you lost and will compensate for the amount lost from the previous round.

Understand Aviator's graphics, it shows in real time how much your value is being multiplied, in addition on the left side you can see other players making their moves, and unlike other slot games, such as tiger game, is that the aviator's probability of winning is greater than 97,5% of winnings.

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