What are the best sports to place bets in Brazil?

See which sports stand out in terms of number of earning opportunities in the Brazilian sports betting market

Sports betting is attracting more and more fans to the market, even those who have never had contact with betting are venturing out to start a new journey. After all, the vast majority are discovering that they can use their knowledge of their favorite sport to develop predictions that can become winning bets.

All of this is driven by the number of options and advantages that bookmakers can offer, such as the types of bets, bonuses and promotions that you can find out more about in this great post to read and mainly, the sports options that are available.

From traditional sports to the newest and most innovative can be found on these platforms, and the most attentive bettors who are on the lookout for good opportunities always wonder which are the best among them.

Therefore, here in this article we have put together a summary of the best sports available at bookmakers in Brazil to bet on, follow them and choose the best opportunity for your betting profile.

Best sports to bet on in Brazil

The variety of options is one of the great characteristics of the sports betting market, just enter a large betting house to understand this statement, there are dozens of sports options offered, not to mention the types of bets and the infinite combinations applicable.

However, there are those sports that receive greater attention from bookmakers, and therefore, can deliver better chances to their bettors. Let's see what they are below:

1. Football

Without a shadow of a doubt, football is the main and best sport to bet on at the bookmakers available in Brazil. After all, football is Brazilians' greatest passion and this is the most popular sport in the world, holding championships at different levels and on every continent on the planet.

In this sport, bettors can create a journey with opportunities available throughout the year. An example of this is the Brazilian football season and the European season, which take place in almost opposite periods. This means that, when the season in Brazil ends, the bettor can choose to bet on European championships such as the Champions League that are happening and never run out of good betting opportunities.

2. Basketball

Basketball is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular among Brazilians, mainly due to the strong influence of the North American culture we have here. The NBA is the main championship sought after by bettors and can offer good chances of winning for those who truly understand the sport and this league.

But, in Brazil, we also have the NBB, which is a highly competitive league that can also provide good opportunities.

3. MMA

MMA has great strength and popularity among Brazilians, as many of the main active athletes and retired legends in the UFC are Brazilians who made history in the sport. This sport offers a different perspective than others, as it is an individual sport and the bettor must understand the importance of this.

It is present in all major betting houses and fights are played throughout the year, offering good chances of winning for bettors.

4. Tennis

Tennis gained great popularity in Brazil thanks to Gustavo Kuerten, a great Brazilian tennis athlete who became an icon of the sport at an international level. It is also an individual sport that has its distinct characteristics and offers championships that are played throughout the year.

5. Formula 1

The grand prizes are played throughout the year and Formula 1 offers a different betting experience, with personalized bet types adapted to this sport. It is a great opportunity for motorsport fans, which offers great betting opportunities with a very attractive return for those who know what they are doing.


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